Tommy Swanhaus’ Book Coming Soon

February 6, 2020 (Viz Release) — The creative genius and one of the world’s top marketing and advertising leaders, Tommy Swanhaus has put together a blueprint of his marketing and entrepreneurial journey. Tommy Swanhaus’s journey will be a part of a larger book called Exceed The Bar that he co-authored. The book will be for sale soon on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. Tommy will also have his own book that will just be his marketing journey and story.

The interview style format of Exceed The Bar allows for a more personal connection with the audience while still being completely insightful and authentic. Tommy Swanhaus has had enormous success with first of it kind innovations over the years that have changed the industry and reshaped the future of marketing. While Tommy Swanhaus provides great insight in starting your own company and being a business owner, he also provides real life advice from his prior struggles in his personal life and how he had to realign his priorities. This is practical advice that is good to know if your a husband/wife, family member, friend, to an investor of an entrepreneur or business owner.

Tommy Swanhaus gives you first hand expert knowledge about overcoming obstacles that all businesses face, along with the myths & misconceptions. He has a strategy to hurdle these obstacles, which he shares. Tommy Swanhaus talks about his prior companies that he has started and their innovativeness, such as being one of the first to stream video to your phone and 200+ devices. He describes his lack of funding, how he got around it, along with what it takes to raise capital. He also talks about his current company, Tommy Swanhaus Co. It’s competitive advantage and how you can define one for your company.

Tommy Swanhaus also answers the million dollar question of how he is able to get his clients or a brand a 1 million views of their content in a short period of time. Tommy Swanhaus also explains his current strategy of growing one’s social media, creating buzz about your company, and when is the right time to put the Tommy Swanhaus tried and true marketing strategy in place for your business or brand.

The co-author,Tommy Swanhaus, explains how to value your company and the knowledge you might want to know to value it one way verse another way. He even provides an easy way to get capital up to $100K for your company in a relatively short period of time.

While most marketing and entrepreneurial books are written and based around theory, research, and anecdotal stories from other entrepreneurs. Tommy Swanhaus writes as an active entrepreneur and business owner that has built all of his companies personally from the ground up. He likes to say “I’ve been in the trenches and ditches, so I know exactly what current and future entrepreneurs and business owners are going thru.”