The watch strap revolution

Interchangeable and reversible strap: a revolution in the way of wearing a watch

Adapt your watch strap to each situation

August 11, 2020 – – Louis Chevrolet Swiss Watches, a watch brand based in Porrentruy in Switzerland, offers a new innovation, the interchangeable and reversible starp. This innovative concept is particularly easy to use thanks to the fixation wheel. This strap will be available in different patterns and several colors. This will allow the user to easily (only a couple of seconds) switch from one style to another in order to adapt to all styles.

One additional innovation

Recently, Louis Chevrolet Swiss Watches has filed a patent application for its strap fixation system, which is very easily interchangeable thanks to the fixing wheel.

Today, the Swiss brand brings an additional innovation to this concept by offering a fully reversible silicone strap, which will make it possible to adapt its look and style of watch even more easily and in every location. The principle is very simple to use and extremely fast:

1. Open the hatch using the wheel
2. Release the strap
3. Turn the strap over
4. Insert the new strap
5. Close the hatch using the wheel

In order to complete the proper functioning of this system, a reversible buckle is also mounted on the straps, making them usable on one side as on the other. These will have a unicolour side to bring sobriety then another side with an original pattern for more fantasy. This then represents two straps in one.

This concept makes it possible to adapt your watch to your style in just a few seconds, and this with extreme ease.

The Number 8 LC6 ladies collection will be available at a reduced price during the next crowdfunding campaign of Louis Chevrolet on Kickstarter (starting September, 4th 2020). Each timepiece will be proposed with an interchangeable reversible strap in order for the customer to change immediatly its strap. Kickstarter will make it possible to offer an attractive price and exclusive advantages to contributors.

Get some more informations on the upcoming crowdfunding campaign here:

About us

Based in Porrentruy, in the Swiss Jura, Louis Chevrolet Swiss Watches has designed and marketed since 2006 watches in its own factory. The name Louis Chevrolet pays tribute to the eponym man, of Swiss origin, founder in 1911 of the “Chevrolet Motor Car Company”. The factory is located less than 10 km from the place where Louis Chevrolet spent his childhood.

In 2016, Louis Chevrolet started its “big curve” in order to completely renew its collections.

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Louis Chevrolet LC6 with some of its straps