The COVID19 pandemic has affected many people’s emotional state. We at Honor Yoga are reaching out to the community to help service and enhance emotional well-being!

Honor Yoga for Emotional Well-Being

August 13, 2020 (Viz Release) – – The COVID19 pandemic and the associated lockdown measures have offset work-life balance, and this can place substantial pressure on people’s emotional well-being. Now is the time to increase our positivity and decrease our negativity. We can’t control everything that’s going on in the world, but we can control the positive and negative influences and effects that are within ourselves. We can initiate this by bettering the state of our minds and bodies. Your body is your temple, and it will react the way you treat it.

The relationship between physical and mental health is significant. It is no mystery that exercise has a positive influence on physical wellness. However, physical health is also a key variable that significantly contributes to better mental health and positive emotional state. Emotional well-being can be achieved by engaging in exercising and the power of positive thought.

Participating in yoga benefits both physical and mental health and influences positive thought.  It alleviates mental stress, develops better physicality and subsequently enhances emotional well-being. Yoga postures are a form of meditation in motion that help release tension and emotional stress. This can help decrease physical ailments by improving the flow of oxygen and conditioning the respiratory tract through breathing exercises.

Yoga promotes improved flexibility, increased strength, better balance, boosted immune system, deeper sleep, greater focus, superior physicality, enriched mental health and enhanced emotional well-being.

The COVID19 pandemic has affected us in a way that is unprecedented. Our master yogis are excited to help you understand and achieve the benefits of yoga, and how it can instill better-quality physical and mental health and enhanced emotional well-being.

We are offering free classes Tuesday mornings at 8 AM and Thursday evenings at 6 PM.

– Yoga for Emotional Well Being / (admin) Honor Yoga Foundation / (teacher) Michelle Gerdes
Tuesdays at 08:00 AM

– Yoga for Emotional Well Being/ Honor Yoga Foundation / (teacher) Michelle Gerdes
Thursdays at 06:00 PM

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