The Millennial Global Edge


September 8, 2020 (Viz Release) – – New book, The Millennial Global Edge, Guide to Global Business in a Shrinking World by Award-Winning Global Business Expert, Author Ayse Oge

The three shifts – the world becoming more interconnected than ever, accelerated digitalization, and remote collaboration that emerged through COVID 19 crisis- empower the Millennial generation to fight against pandemic and help them get involved in global business.

According to Pew Research, millennials are open-minded; 40% have a college education compared to 29% of Baby Boomers. They continuously seek new opportunities and experiences. Also, millennials have mastered the new age of technology, which gives them an upper hand in speeding up the digital transition of global trade, increase the volume of e-commerce, and have an economic impact in our society.

Millennials were raised in the Facebook era and have never been more than a few clicks away from friends, family, and the entire social network. Millennials find tremendous comfort and fulfillment in leveraging these social interactions to seek support and reassurance. It allows them a deeper and more globalized connection. Millennials can build teams to offer the best functional expertise from around the world with unique work experiences and fresh perspectives. Businesses that are innovative and forward-thinking will rely on the valuable millennial resource to help compete and grow globally.

Ayse Oge’s new book, entitled “The Millennial Global Edge, Guide to Global Business in a Shrinking World” provides the tools to help Millennials to become connectors of resources and talents across geographical boundaries – dedicated to finding new ways of creating value in global business jobs and new entrepreneurial opportunities. Millennials have been born in one of the best times to thrive in the international trade sector.

Author, Ayse Oge taught global business and served as Senior International Trade Consultant at the Center for International Trade Development, Long Beach City College. Her consulting practice gave her perspective on how global business can be expanded through education and hiring the right people to achieve growth in the international trade arena.

The book covers:

– Power of Millennials: The Best Kept Secret in Global Business
– E-commerce
– Cultural Differences
– International Trade Careers and Jobs
– Global Leadership

The current crisis favors Millennials; their digital understanding and fearless curiosity to drive learning are a big plus. The book aims to generate awareness and show how worldly millennials can be the rising future business, government leaders, and entrepreneurs in global commerce.

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