Wish You Were Here views up by 72% during lock down

Wish You Were Here views up by 72% during lock down

April 6, 2020 (Viz Release) – – Loved ones around the world are being separated due to the travel restrictions and lock down policies of several governments. During this despair and longing, many turn to music for comfort.

The 90s hit ballad Wish You Were Here by Rednex is gaining comeback popularity during lock down and has seen a 72% increase in views on You Tube since the crisis began.

The song captures the feeling of missing someone who is gone and was a European No.1 hit in 1995. In recent years it has also been used as an official funeral song.

Rednex, most known for the party song “Cotton Eye Joe”, was founded in Sweden, a country which has caught the attention of world wide media recently for having almost no restrictions during the corona virus outbreak while keeping corona cases on pair with the rest of EU & US.

Three of the band members caught the virus after a show in Austria in early March and fell ill, one of them seriously. All have recovered well.

The song was the first platinum success of producer Max Martin, who later went on to score 22 No.1 hits on Billboard Hot 100, second only to John Lennon & Paul McCartney.

The video depicts a battle from the American civil war where the male band members get shot and dies. Rednex recently revealed in an online chronicle that the record label, Zomba Records (R Kelly etc) ordered them to dress as Northerners, disallowing any flirtations with the South to avoid racist connotations. (http://rednexmusic.com/chronicle)

A few comments on the song on You Tube:

muss ich immer an meinen Vater denken 😥 R.I.F. 11.03.2020

(German user Enrico – I always think of my father R.I.P 11.03.2020)

I don’t know how many times I’ve been cried listening to this song !! Adorable !!

(User Hermes Mann)

Помню, батя бухой…эту песню слушал лет 25 назад…сейчас, сам слушаю…

(Russian user “Breakbeatlover” – I remember my dad… I listened to this song about 25 years ago, now I’m listening to it myself)