Special Heroes (Special Needs Super Heroes) Live in S.E.C.A. Vision – where we Support Extraordinary Children Abroad!

June 27, 2020 (Viz Release) – – Are you ready for the next generation of super heroes? Imagine a world seen only in S.E.C.A. Vision… Based on the Barnes and Noble and Amazon series, SECA Special Heroes – Legend of the Super Eye Fly and Legend of Lady Su, enter the world of a physically challenged orphan, gifted with the ability to nurture, build the self-esteem and coach other physically challenged orphans toward the highest level of pride, discipline and empowerment… Special Needs Super Heroes = Special Heroes. www.secavision.com – Meet us in Beijing at the International Book Fair… everything will be seen live in SECA Vision! https://secure.combinedbook.com/2020-beijing-international-book-fair_onlinecatalog_689.html?cmbSubject=&cmbPublisher=&txtTitle=&txtAuthor=Don+Icon