Wine is more fun with the Wine Zapper

October 12, 2020 (Viz Release) – – Doylestown, Pennsylvania: BiomagScience introduces the Wine Zapper(tm).  A delight for anyone who enjoys a great glass of wine.

Based on the original Magnefique FlavOring, the Wine Zapper is smaller and easier to use.

Simply held to the bottle when pouring, one side of the Zapper provides a smoother, silkier wine while the other a bolder, richer taste; both different than the original.

Wine Zapper

Whether it is instantly ameliorating (aging) a young grape into a good wine or making a good wine great, the fun begins with the Taste test.

Friends enjoy getting together to taste the difference. Its lots of fun to see which side is good for one wine while the other is better for another. It’s interesting to taste and see how the bubbles of an inexpensive champagne instantly change into a better champagne.

The inventor says: “Wine Zapper taste tests are always fun. Everyone is amazed how the Zapper instantly changes the taste of wine. Be careful if you use it at a restaurant, it often leads to a party – so make sure you have a ride home.”

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