Dr. Ralph Steele CEO and author of  Income for Life and Generational Wealth (W=me3) Book.

Dr. Steele is the recipient of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Award for Entrepreneurship of the Year 2015. NAACP Award for the Man of Honor March 2019 and Dorothy Norwood Community Services Awards for 2019.

Dr. Steele is an extraordinary expert on wealth building who wrote the  National Economic Plan for Africans in America 2018. It is his mission to educate individuals in theory and practice about economics, financial literacy, investments, entrepreneurship, business ownership, being debt-free, financial strategies (W=me3). In his own words that “wealth is a human right” which became the creation of the  Wealth Legacy TV 2019.  He is completing a documentary on ”A Cattle on a Thousand Hills.” that is based on the economic renewal for intercities.

Dr. Ralph Steele facilitated wealth-building conferences and forums for  Capital One Bank, University of Texas Arlington, Richland Community College, Stillman College, Eastfield Community College, Tarrant County Community College, Wealth Think Bank Entrepreneur Investments, LLC and Rolling Hills Country Hills in Arlington, TX. He was a prolific trainer at the NSW Law Society in Sydney, Australia, Oct 2019. There is another event called the  Wealth  Think Bank Entrepreneur Investment, LLC Annual National Conference that he will be a trainer and keynote speaker in September 2020. His influence has transformed numerous families’ lives.

Dr. Steele is an active member of  Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc, an Independent Licensed Insurance Broker, a Structured Settlements Broker, a provider for Professional Athletes in developing Income for Life, and Wealth Think Bank Entrepreneur, LLC Founder, and CEO who focuses on educating, training, coaching, mentoring, and develop black entrepreneurs. He is an author of 18 books that pertain to mediation, wealth, and domestic violence. He just released his latest book called Income for Life and Generational Wealth W=me3. Here are a few books listed below. You can find them at

Contact information
Dr. Ralph Steele at 817-729-0543 and

Income for Life and Generational Wealth W=me3 $14.00

A National Economic Plan for Financial Inclusion for African Americans $12.97

How to Acquire and Keep Wealth: Wealth Think Bank by Dr. Ralph Steele $24.99

Save Millions with Conflict Coaching, A Cross-Culture Conflict Methodology and Model by Dr. Ralph Steele

Wealth Management for Millennials
By Dr. Ralph Steele, ESQ.
& Licensed Financial Consultant

Mediating Highly Complex Cases for International Corporations
A Model for Mediators by Dr. Ralph Steele, BCPC, FAPA, Esq

Wealth Management for Being Professional Athlete by
Dr. Ralph Steele, BCPC, FAPA, Esq

Facts, Issues, Options, and Solutions: The Collaboration of Law & Mediation by Dr. Ralph Steele

Preventing Domestic Violence & Sexual Harassment by Dr. Ralph Steele