One of the best art museum in korea

March 8, 2021 (Viz Release) – – HAEGEUMGANG THEME MUSEUM / YuKyungArt Museum, one of the best art museums in South Korea. So far, the works of art from fifty countries around the world have been put on display in this exhibition hall.

The museum creates a unique opportunity for emerging artists in  the world, to have your art reviewed by the selection committee , display your art publicly at the Art museum.

Now in seventh year, International Art festival provides the opportunity for artists to gain more exposure to the art world, art lovers, collectors, and to the public at large!

VISION ART MEDIA strongly supports INTERNATIONAL ART EVENTS. Let us spread PEACE for a Better World through arts !!

Vision Art Media is a media company based in New York City which organizes art and culture events. They have connections with many galleries, organizations, and museums. Due to their professionalism and commitment to the arts and cultures, Vision Art Media is the award-winning international art event organizer. They arrange exhibitions to display artwork and promote artists using their strong network, both domestically and internationally. Their expectation is for the artists to all to have a good reputation after the shows