USA Digital Expands Wireless Data Solutions

Wireless data is viable as a high-quality and affordable solution for network access backup, business continuity and disaster recovery. It is also ideal as a primary connection for small branch offices, remote sites, mobile or home-based workforces, connecting IoT devices, and other rapid deployment applications. With the added flexibility of SD-WAN as an overlay, wireless data can be leveraged in many unique and powerful ways.

USAD now complements its terrestrial data solutions offerings with multi-carrier wireless data solutions that give access to hundreds of providers worldwide. For U.S. based customers, there is access from all the major carriers, which provides a connection to the strongest signal at any location. For additional redundancy, USAD offers devices that can support multiple wireless data networks.

When there are only terrestrial access paths from a location, redundancy becomes limited. Creating a non-terrestrial data access path increases availability and creates a low cost and reliable pathway for redundancy and business continuity.

USAD offers free customized solutions engineering for the deployment of wireless data solutions as well as for the rest of their suite of data and voice communications offerings.