Science fiction, fantasy, or magic today, reality tomorrow

September 3, 2020 (Viz Release) – – My name is Khole Montaga and I’m seeking funding for my really out-there ideas. I want to find scientist-researchers and intellectuals interested in working on projects from time travel, to magic and even fantasy. I want to give rise to the creation of genetically engineered, super intelligent, rapidly evolving entities that wave a real magic wand on supercharged AI. I am seeking the creation of artificial intelligence that can self-assemble and create metaphysical entities.

Imagination is boundless and can help us achieve new and innovative technologies from uploading our minds to creating dimensions and universes that are currently unknown. I foresee a parallel omniverse in which we can look at other types of sciences: alien sciences, magic, and research-like concepts. Omniverses and beyond can result in unique creations we only now see in Marvel Comics. They can bring to reality knowledge once only dreamed of in science fiction, fantasy or technology magic.

Using super intelligence, we can create God-like minds capable of generating their own omniverses.  I’m seeking logisticians interested in studying things like dimensional entities, omnifabrication, etc. These are but a few examples of my speculative and imaginative ideas. Along with the right people committed to research eons ahead of its time, I want to bring them to reality. In this vein, I’m seeking start-up funding for KHOLE’S IDEAS, a new company which will implement my vision.

KHOLE’S IDEAS is a start-up seeking to extend the boundaries of knowledge by the implementation of speculative thinking


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