Five Factors Affecting Fatality and Five Things People Can Do to Survive Coronavirus

#1. Vaccination. Pentagon study: Flu Shot Raises Risk of Coronavirus 36%, Children’, 4-16-2020 Dr. Fauci, NIH Director of Infectious Disease said flu shots are 10-60% effective in a good year and this is not a good year. High numbers of those who get a flu shot and get sick are not reported, but most people know others who did.

Every Christian, Jew and Muslim should refuse vaccine that uses fetal fibroblasts to grow the virus in labs, pork gelatin, dog kidney cells, and mercury as a preservative, which has strong epidemiology evidence as the cause autism.

#2. Drugs. 99% of Those Who Died From Virus Had Other Illness. Bloomberg News, March 18, 2020. Why blame a virus that has low mortality when 99% of those who die have pre-existing conditions like chronic lung, cardiovascular disease or diabetes– conditions for which patients take medication.

Adverse Drug Reactions caused 106,000 deaths in hospitals under monitored conditions, Journal of AMA, 4-15-98. The JAMA defined ADRs as “properly prescribed and administered.” “These adverse reactions may be increased by systemic infection, so why blame the virus that’s being hyped to create a panic and medical control?” asks Richard Ruhling, MD, MPH, board-certified in Internal Medicine who taught Health Science at Loma Linda University. He offers the following information.

The death rate from Adverse Drug Events increased 2.7-fold from 1998 to 2005, Archives of Internal Medicine, Sep 10, 2007. That made medical care the #3 cause of death, but the CDC does not report medical care or Adverse Drug Reactions in their Leading Causes of Death (Google) The CDC has been accused of a high stake with big pharma. They and the media shout about other diseases for which people take drugs for relief of symptoms, but the drug does not address the cause nor cure the disease.

#3. Medical Reporting. Stanford Study Shows COVID-19 Is 50x More Prevalent and 50x Less Deadly Than Previously Believed (Google, Global Research, Stanford-antibodies-study)

So why is CDC telling doctors to sign death certificates as coronavirus if they had a positive test for it?  High numbers  lead to fear, panic and surrender to “medical authorities” who are told what to do by CDC, World Health Organization led by their donor/investor, Bill Gates who said he wants to “vaccinate the whole world—7 billion people.”

The public should know that having a positive test and dying from an Adverse Drug Reaction could be more likely than dying from the virus, but this won’t be mentioned by CDC.

A pathologist asks, “How Accurate is the Coronavirus Death Toll? Are we undercounting or overcounting? Can we trust the numbers?” Judy Melnik, MD, Medpage Today, Apr 13, 2020. If she doesn’t know, there’s a problem!

#4. Ventilators may increase mortality. The statistics are not good for those placed on ventilators. Admittedly, those patients have shortness of breath, but the trauma of intubation and stress of having a machine push air to the lungs can result in pneumothorax or the need for more drugs. Doctors like to feel they are doing all they can, but sometimes less is better, especially when non-pharmaceuticals may be helpful (below).

#5. 5G has not been tested for safety… As there has been virtually no research on long-term exposure to millimeter waves, the large-scale deployment of 5G technology is a massive experiment and we’re guinea the pigs. Research with millimeter waves shows our sweat ducts act like little antennas, which means we would absorb more of this energy into our bodies. Research has demonstrated that short-term exposure to low-intensity millimeter waves affects human cell membranes and could even result in the proliferation of multi-drug resistant bacteria. (

Some people have an anaphylactic reaction to peanuts which is why packaged foods are strictly labelled. Some people are sensitive to radiation and similar awareness of the environment is needed. Wuhan China was an example.

*Wuhan was a premier city for 5G and in the context of serious air pollution which some risked their lives to protest in Communist China, and a local market sold many foods considered unclean in the health code by Moses (Leviticus 11).  Readers should understand the possibility of multiple factors before believing that a virus can jump 13 feet.

In Leviticus 13, quarantine is for contagious diseases, not for those who are well. The reversal of biblical wisdom is ruining the economy and all of the above supports what Hippocrates said, “Nature cures, not the physician.”

Back to Basics with Nature: 5 Things People Can Do to Survive

In the worst of epidemics, 50-100 million people died world-wide of the 1918 Spanish Flu–675,000 in the US. The best of US care in the army had nearly 7% fatality, but less than 1% in the Battle Creek Sanitarium died!  What was the difference?

Dr. John Kellogg used natural remedies to enhance immunity. He wrote Rational Hydrotherapy, and promoted a better diet. Success of the water & fever treatments plus a healthy diet attracted bright people like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Luther Burbank, JC Penney, Admiral Byrd, Amelia Earhart, Eleanor Roosevelt and President William Taft.

Working Emergency Room in Riverside CA, Dr. Richard Ruhling was getting sick—sore throat, runny nose, achy and cold. His temperature was normal, but in medical school he was taught that viruses are killed with fever. He wondered what he could do to get a fever! He took a ‘Battle Creek’ fever treatment that most Americans could do at home.

He filled a tub with hot water. In 20 min. his temp was 102.5. Having been taught that it can double the white blood count he then poured cold water front and back several times. He felt better and saw his patients. At 11 PM he took a 2nd fever treatment. In the morning he was well–The body’s own defenses responded to rational remedies, in spite of no supplements–hospitals don’t have health products.

#2. The Vitamin C need in the body goes from 50 mg a day in health to 2000 mg in burns, surgery or systemic infection. Taking 250 mg hourly with a glass of water at the first sign of the flu can help to prevent or minimize it. Nobel Prize Winner, Linus Pauling was right and a smart researcher in China reveals more biochemistry for it than most MDs ever learned in med school. (Search YouTube–jay campbell live stops ARDS ascorbic acid)

#3. Zinc. Equally bright and quicker to understand is this research showing zinc can interfere with the virus replication inside the cell nucleus, but it needs help to get into the cell. Natural products like grape quercetin enhance this. Google (Mercola, improve zinc uptake) EGCG in green tea and chloroquine can help but not usually needed as ionophores.

#4. The flu season is tied to the holidays when cookies, cakes and indulgence of appetite decimate the phagocytic index of the white blood cells. At the first sign of the flu, quit eating, and drink water. Take 2-3 charcoal tablets or capsules to help the body detoxify and fast overnight. Eat citrus and other fruits. The white around the orange or grapefruit has bioflavoids that enhance vitamin C. Nutritionists recognize fruits and vegetables as the protective foods.

#5. Supplements: elderberry, echinacea have good science behind them. Drs. Marc Micozzi of NIH supports these. Ben Lau, Prof. of Microbiology at Loma Linda University wrote a book on garlic, sometimes referred to as Russian penicillin when whizzed in a blender with a fruit juice.

Ruhling notes that the Bible has a poor translation of Revelation 18:23 where all nations are deceived by sorcery. The Greek word is pharmakeia, and every nation practicing western medicine is on the brink of bankruptcy, spending billions at the end of life for a few more months with drugs as a leading cause of death (#2 at the top).

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