Testimony Demands Verdict: Say No to Lockdown, Close the Gates and Lockup Fauci

May 8, 2020 (Viz Release) – – A video removed for violating “community guidelines” had allegations against Fauci, CDC, echoing Guliani’s claim Fauci paid Wuhan $3 7 million to upgrade the virus that’s killing US. Why is the US losing free speech when ‘guidelines’ favor crooked systems of government?

Judy Mikovits, PhD, research virologist published her findings in linking animal and fetal tissues in vaccines to chronic disease, but it stirred pharma. Her home was raided, she was jailed, held without charges; her life was ruined five years later when we was released. Yes, it happened in America according to the video interview, https://bit.ly/2Wzjdfn

Let viewers judge her knowledge of the subject, but it’s not the first time Dr. Fauci or Robert Gallo’s name has been linked to bad news. Len Horowitz, PhD in microbiology wrote “Emerging Viruses” and reported the AIDS and Ebola viruses were man-made and released by accident or intent on Africa and the US.

The video shows Gates calling for vaccination of the whole world. Every Christian, Jew and Muslim ought to refuse on the basis of fetal cells, pork gelatin, dog and monkey kidney cells and mercury that is linked by epidemiological evidence to autism– https://bit.ly/3cePhf7  More doctors are beginning to speak out, https://bit.ly/2SNishx

Isn’t it time for journalists, editors and preachers to come to the aid of their country before it’s gone?

Richard Glen is a pen name for a physician who says the CDC is lying with their top 10 causes of death which doesn’t mention prescription drugs. Medical literature supports Adverse Drug Reactions as the leading cause of death: Journal of AMA, 4-15-1998; Western Journal of Medicine, June 2000; Archives of Internal Medicine, 9-10-2007. If CDC will lie about the leading cause of death so people worry about heart, cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, they will lie about vaccine safety when require tiny babies to get dozens of shots.

Pregnant women are told not to eat tuna because mercury is toxic; how about babies whose systems are not yet developed to handle it? There’s a call to come out of the confused systems of Babylon or suffer the plagues in Revelation 18:2-4, 23, “for by her [pharmakeia is the Greek word] were all nations deceived.”

It’s time to quit the greed for billions or world control and seek repentance; judgment is coming to America.