Non-profit, Of One Breath, Launches App Designed to Build Connections and Bridge Divides Across Humankind at A Critical Time

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (Viz Release) July 22, 2020 – – Of One Breath, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing more consciousness to the world by creating shift-enabling tools and technology, announces the launch of its BELove app. This new app combines a top-of-the-hour mindful breath prompt with the power of collective intention to build a connection with other humans in service of bringing more love into our lives and the world at large.

By slowing down for an intentional moment through a grounding breath at the top of every hour, BELove app users reduce their anxiety levels and induce a state of loving awareness. It is a tool that can help bridge the divides in humanity by the simple act of breath but more importantly by breathing together as a human race. This idea feels even more necessary in today’s world where we’re facing divisiveness and discord across the globe.


“The intention behind this app is to create a ‘Joy of Joining In’ connection with others that transcends our differences; reminding us that neither skin color or gender, politics or policies, ethnicity or economic status, beliefs or religion matter,” said Edi Osborne, the creator of BELove and the founder of the Of One Breath organization. “By using the app as a means of rebooting our communal operating system back to love and witnessing this intentional and mindful breath in each other, we are creating an antidote to feelings of isolation or disconnection.”

The BELove app creates a reminder to take a synchronized, mindful breath every hour of every day. Each user has control over the days of the week and times of day that they would like to participate. The unique 528Hz tone, also known as the frequency of love, prompts users to begin their practice. Next, a visual cue of a blue morpho butterfly appears on the phone screen. The butterfly’s wings guide the pace of this meditative moment which includes a five-second inhalation, three second hold, five second exhalation. The sequence continues silently for about two minutes while the collective breath of worldwide participants, or BELovers, is calculated.

If a BELover chooses to use this app as a self-care tool to ignite a reset of the mind, the BELover would feel the positive effects in their own body, but each act of self-care expands to benefit the greater good when intentions are witnessed in groups from three perspectives:

  • Global: In near real-time response, a user will be able to see how many people are breathing and where at the top of every hour. (Though users will be able to see regional location data, an exact location is not collected.)
  • Soul Pod: Each user can invite up to 100 BELovers in to their personal Soul Pod to stay connected in loving intention with each other.
  • Passion Pod: Users can join different passion pods which are groups organized around specific areas of existential concern. Passion Pod members are encouraged to connect and collaborate around generating solutions to humanity’s most pressing issues.

This group participation is reflected through map visualizations. The visual map helps to demonstrate that we are together even if alone at that moment of mindful breath.

Since Osborne first shared her vision for the BELove app, a small but growing community of over a thousand BELovers have helped to fund the creation of this app. Many have been breathing with Osborne by setting an hourly alarm on their phone while awaiting the app’s launch. This habitualized moment of loving awareness gets to the very heart and soul of why BELove was created. As the movement grows the collective breath will activate a Butterfly Effect across the globe which is in part how the BELove app was named. The idea behind the Butterfly Effect is that small causes may have large effects in general. For the early adopters of the BELove movement, there is the belief that an individual’s actions are compounded when done in concert with others to effect real change in the world.

“I can envision a day where I’m in a public place and I hear the unique 528Hz tone go off and look across the space to see another BELover breathing with me,” continued Osborne. “In that moment, all the ways we are different melt into the unified field of loving recognition that we are simply beings of love. The world needs this right now and we encourage people to join in creating a butterfly effect where small changes can result in large differences.”

The BELove app is now available for iOS and Android devices for 99 cents. BELovers are also encouraged to join the conversation online through @BELoveapp on Instagram and

About BELove

The BELove (Butterfly Effect Love) app, developed by Of One Breath, was created with the intention to generate a breathtaking movement and to restore our human story back to its core operating system of love. By building a community that believes in the power of collective breath, BELove is habitualizing a high frequency connection with other humans in service to bringing more love into our lives and the world at large. BELove is dedicated to bringing more consciousness to the world through its shift-enabling tools and technology. To learn more, visit

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