Voting Trump Could Mean the Economy, Law and Order, Pro-Life and Bible Destiny, says Expert

October 15, 2020 (Viz Release) – – “We may not like much of what he does or says-he’s arrogant and unapologetic, but in spite of many odds, Trump kept many of his campaign promises and a vote for revolutionaries on the other side is serious risk,” says Dr. Richard Ruhling, author and speaker on topics of current events and Bible prophecy.

Ruhling predicted war with Iraq before 9-11, based on “the vision at the time of the end” in Daniel 8:17,20 where the horns on a ram are the Medes & Persians but that’s now Iraq & Iran. In Bible times, horns were cut off to blow as a trumpet. The great horn on the goat is the Trump and he makes the goat great in Daniel 8:7,8.

Big money and powerful forces are behind global government and Trump is hated for his US focus, says Ruhling. On the other side, the pope sees the UN as the road to world supremacy and is riding the New World Order (beasts represent  nations or geopolitical forces and in Revelation 17, the papacy is represented by the woman riding the beast, also on 7 hills, Rome) Some of the clues are not favorable, but true to history that we’ve forgotten and the pope says the Bible a dangerous book because it shows Rome as a ‘harlot.’ (Ruhling)

The greatest event in the Jewish Bible since Creation was the Exodus. God punished Egypt for killing babies and enslaving Israel, but the US has aborted 60 million and enslaved most people in negative habits and lifestyles. The Exodus was a jubilee event when slaves were freed and land was given in Leviticus 25:10.

Jubilee was also the 50th year and 2023 is the 50th year since Roe v Wade in 1973. Ruhling believes it will be huge and confirmation of this will be “when you see Jerusalem compassed with armies.” Luke 21:20.

Maybe Christ was thinking of Zechariah 14:1-3 when he said it, but on October 1, Erdogan of Turkey said, “Jerusalem is our city.” World Israel News. That puts the Bible ahead of the evening news, says Ruhling.

Richard Ruhling is a retired physician, board-certified in Internal Medicine, who says medical care is not health care. He offers medical references for  and his website at offers his 5-star book by that title and a dvd showing how to reverse most diseases. A 2nd book with more geopolitical focus is at also with insightful videos and dvd and bonus book, What’s Behind the New World Order?