KAICIID to discuss peacebuilding through interreligious dialogue at Madrid+10 Policy Dialogue

“The problem of violent extremism is understandably a focus of media attention. However, wedon’t often see in the news how intercultural and interreligious dialogue are powerful tools for achieving stability and peace, fighting intolerance and extremism while upholding values of peaceful coexistence and mutual understanding”, the KAICIID SG said.

“As the only intergovernmental organisation dedicated to promoting interreligious dialogue and the only intergovernmental organisation governed by religious representatives, we are participating in this Policy Dialogue to draw attention on the importance of bringing together politics and religion to build sustainable peace”, he added.

Other workshops will discuss the importance of Women, organized by Hedayah; Education, organized by the Anna Lindh Foundation, and online radicalization, organized byICSRandTRENDS.

Following its presentation at the conference, theGlobal Consensuswill be available in the Madrid+10 online platform where different stakeholders will be able to sign on to it. The Global Consensuswill be signed by Club de Madrid Members, experts, policy makers, civil society organizations and international institutions around the world.

A decade later, with the rise of terrorism and extremism around the world, political leaders, policy makers and opinion leaders will address the issue of violent extremism from different angles, sharing both national strategies and grassroots initiatives as well as identifying good practices, tools and policies with global and local relevance.

ICSR’smission is to bring together knowledge and leadership. Producing first class, rigorous research, our aim is to educate the public and help policymakers and practitioners find more intelligent solutions in dealing with radicalization and political violence.