Discover Arkay Zero Proof Cocktails Made by Chris Marshall of Sans Bar, Austin, Texas

March 2, 2020 (Viz Release) — We at ArKay are thrilled to announce that Chris Marshall of Sans Bar has agreed to create some fabulous zero proof cocktails in association with Arkay zero proof spirits.

Chris and Sans Bar, stand for so much more than just not drinking alcohol. Sans Bar, in Chris’ words “is a place to connect.” He has built Sans Bar, and the community that follow Sans Bar, through connection and integrity. We see this as being a concept that is in line with the core beliefs of ArKay. We are honored to be connected with Chris and to have his trust and backing. We want to thank Chris, not just for his backing our product but for seeing, and trusting, that we as a company can stand with him in integrity.

Alcohol Free spirits are popping up everywhere today. Reynald Grattagliano, the pioneering visionary spark behind the question “is it possible to create alcohol free spirits?” says “We are looking to connect and currently we connect at bars, but alcohol can keep us from connecting deeply.This is why I concentrated on making wonderful drinks that could inspire community but be built on clarity.”

ArKay came about due to the lack of options in the alcohol-free adult beverage market. Adults enjoy the vast flavors of alcohol, but today, less and less people are drinking. So, the question arises “what constitutes an adult drink today?” ArKay is a zero-proof beverage flavored to resemble all the alcohols you’re familiar with, Brandy, Vodka, Rums, Gins and Whiskies of all sorts and even more. Utilizing an extract of capsaicin to create the burn and kick that is so synonymous with alcohol, ArKay is leading the way to the redefining of “Adult Drinks.”

In 2011 wine culture was growing and it was still a foregone conclusion that everyone was drinking alcohol. This was when Reynald Grattagliano introduce ArKay, the first ever alcohol-free spirit substitute, to the world. In the US his product was met with ridicule and resistance. Why? Because it had never been considered, “Alcohol-Free Whisky?” No one would have thought that could be possible and new ideas are always met with resistance. ArKay, having survived those early days through the passion and determination of Reynald Grattagliano, is able to see the fruits of its labor even though an idea that was almost a decade ahead of its time.