The Versatile Float’n Thang Out-Performs and Takes Floating by Storm!

Ready to get outside for a social floating experience?

Let’s face it, you can float on a one dimensional, disposable noodle. You can also tie 2 Milk jugs together and be able to float. But why would you want to?

With today’s advances in technology, you can now take floating to the next level by making the smart choice for a multi-functional device that’s both practical and durable. Introducing the Float’n Thang(R)! It’s made from solid closed-cell foam that is not only impermeable and microbial resistant, it’s repairable, making it last for years!

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The Versatile Float'n Thang Out-Performs and Takes Floating by Storm!

The “Thang” Can function both in and out of the water. With a little aquatic agility, it can be maneuvered to float in several different positions such as the Saddle float, Backfloat, and Under-the-Arm float, allowing the use of the built-in beverage holders. Taking it out of the water, it can be used as comfortable neck support on the beach or back support on your chair. You can also leash it while on your paddleboard for added safety as well as a beverage holder. The Float’n Thang has been featured in Livability magazine and is used in Ability 360, one of the largest training facilities in the U.S. for the Special Olympics, as a successful and inclusive tool for individuals with special needs. The Float’n Thang is not a toy. It is intended for someone who’s ready to get serious about having fun. It’s lightweight (under 3 lbs), travel friendly, and can take a beating. Go ahead and treat yourself to the best. You’re worth it!

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Float’n Thang
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