MIAMI, FL (Via Release) May 4, 2021 – – Posture improvement specialist Perfectore today announce the launch of their Kickstarter campaign for their latest innovation – the ERGO Posture Pro. The new product is the result of two years of R&D and represents the next generation of their posture support designs – following up from the ERGO Posture which raised over $1,000,000 in its Kickstarter campaign.

Like it’s predecessor, ERGO Posture Pro is a wearable resistance-based support designed to instantly improve posture and relieve neck, back and shoulder pain. The unique design incorporates chest and shoulder resistance straps around a pivot point on the wearer’s back. The pivot point triggers a spinal righting reflex, adjusting the mid-back vertebrae, shoulders, and head into the correct alignment, relieving tension and lifting up to 70lb of pressure off the wearer’s back.The new model is also designed to ergonomically upgrade any kind of backpack. Wearers can simply attach to the shoulder pads of any brand or style of backpack with elasticated velcro loops that extend from the ERGO’s custom shoulder pads.

Perfectore says that poor posture is normally a result of weakness in stabilizing muscles. For this reason the ERGO Posture Pro is also designed to activate all the muscles associated with good posture and core strength. This means that it’s not designed to be worn all day. Wearers can expect results from putting it on for just an hour a day but they can work this up to six hours a day as their strength improves. The ERGO Posture Pro also allows wearers to perform resistance enhanced spinal, neck, and shoulder stretches, helping to relieve stiff and tight muscles throughout the day.

‘Improving posture can have incredible benefits in everyday life. After using the ERGO Posture Pro, wearers can expect rapid improvements in their core strength, metabolism, hormone balance, and ability to focus when sitting or standing for long periods of time. Many wearer’s also see significantly reduced back, shoulder, and neck pain and strain due to an improved ability to sustain a natural postural alignment.’ Marina Prospero, CEO of Perfectore and Certified posture specialist with the National Posture Institute.

The company aims to raise $8500 through their Kickstarter campaign. Early backers can pledge from $89 to receive their ERGO Posture Pro at a 50% discount on the retail price.They’ll also get an instruction booklet, a daily exercise program for strength, a mesh carry case, and a downloadable 21-day posture perfection boot camp. View their Kickstarter campaign here:


Perfectore are posture specialists with 10 years experience in the posture device innovation market.They’ve manufactured and distributed thousands of devices and have helped thousands of people sit straight and stand tall. Perfectore’s devices are designed to instantly transform, support and strengthen the body during regular activities of daily living, rehabilitation, exercise or sport.