Six Ways US Is Moving to 666: Global Government, Religion, Medicine, $ Reset, Media/News, Education

January 7, 2021 (Viz Release) – – The 666 is what’s behind the image beast in Revelation 13:14-18 and it will compel all to worship (give worth) to a global UN government in spite of the UN proving worthless, as in Rwanda when it had plenty of force to stop the genocide of a million Protestant Tutsis, but it “stood down” in deference to Pope John Paul and let the local (Catholic) government handle it, with a later apology from the pope–their system seems to be failing with claims widespread pedophilia claims.

A UN “New World Order” is the road to supremacy for the pope, as seen by a harlot riding the beast in Rev 17 where the kings of the earth commit fornication with the harlot decked in gold (wealthy) and scarlet (color of cardinals), named Babylon, drunken with the blood of saints (historians say 50-100 million during the “Dark Ages” when kings did the pope’s bidding to punish heretics, and sitting on 7 hills, Rev 17:2-9.

The Bible calls us to “come out of Babylon (the confused systems above) and to partake not over her sins and receive not of her plagues… for by her sorceries were all nations deceived.” Rev 18:2-4,23. The Greek word for sorceries is pharmakeia! It’s a great system for relief of symptoms without addressing the cause which in most cases is what we eat, drink or smoke. Yes, our mouth is the common pathway to trouble!

Medicine has become the leading cause of illness and death due to Adverse Drug Reactions that are reported in medical literature, but not by mainstream media which is an example of how fallen we are, not getting truth.

‘The Great Reset’ to give us a digital currency sounds like a good plan coming from the pope to help the poor, but it will result in oppression of the poor and since you might lose your plastic card, here’s a chip in your arm! The warning in Rev 13:14-18 includes 666, the total of the Roman Numerals in Vicarius Filii Dei, the title in one of the pope’s crowns. (Google)

Everything in mainstream media seems to be scripted according to what big money, big pharma, banksters want; it’s where we are headed. Last but not least is education—a system so confused that some kids don’t know whether they are boys or girls in spite of college courses in anatomy or physiology that shouldn’t leave us in doubt if we are confused with media.

Richard Ruhling is a retired physician who writes on current events and Bible prophecy. His book, The Fall of America is available on his website,