Remote Monitoring 4.0 : Arkessa Offers a Customised Remote Monitoring Solution with Siemens SINEMA Remote Connect

Industry 4.0 and the digital networking of manufacturing processes will make it possible to manufacture products at lower costs and in a manner that is more flexible, energy-efficient, resource-saving and customisable.

For machine builders and vendors remote internet access will allow them to optimise how they perform against the maintenance plan sold with their products to deliver superior customer service and a higher level of equipment availability or “up time”.

The Siemens SINEMA Remote Connect promotional package comprises a LTE-enabled SCALANCE M876-4 Industrial Router, a SINEMA RC KEY-PLUG for auto-configuration of the secure connection and the SINEMA Remote Connect basic software. Arkessa provides an M2M SIM and connection management services to complete the solution bundle.

Arkessa’s optimised global roaming M2M SIM card enables rapid deployment of the solution by simplifying the network planning, product deployment and installation processes. Arkessa managed services ensure global scaling, secure connectivity and flexibility.

SOURCE Arkessa