Transport Company Achieves 40 Percent IT Cost Reduction by Moving to Websense Cloud-Based Email Security

“Managing our email security was a serious concern within the company,”added Sgarbazzini. “Our previous on-premise solution was constantly failingand our IT resources were limited to regular business hours. Users did notappreciate being woken up in the middle of the night from the buzz of theirBlackBerries as spam landed in their inboxes. Once we moved to WebsenseHosted Email Security however, spam disappeared and we now have continuoussystem uptime. Our users are happy and we’ve saved money — the results arereally incredible.”

“The guaranteed service level of 99.999 percent exceeded our expectationsand couldn’t be matched by any of the competitive solutions we evaluated,”says Sgarbazzini. “This was in addition to 100 percent protection fromknown viruses and 99 percent spam detection. Websense was by far the bestsolution for our needs.”

Websense Hosted Email Security eliminates spam and malware before theyreach the network. The hosted deployment model provides centralizedsecurity with built-in redundancy, failover and business continuity whileeasing administration and optimizing network operating capacity planningcosts. Guaranteed by industry-leading service level agreements, WebsenseHosted Email Security reduces business costs, eliminates the complexity ofmanaging email threats and provides the highest possible degree ofprotection.

All Websense solutions are powered by the Websense ThreatSeeker(TM) Networkwhich continuously monitors the Internet for changes and emerging threats.The resulting intelligence is incorporated in real-time into the company’sWeb, data and email security solutions. As a result, Websense solutionsadapt to the rapidly changing Internet threat environment at speeds notpossible by traditional security solutions.

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