BitFlx Introduces Mobile Video Social Networking App

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA — (Marketwire) — 08/08/11 — BitFlx, Inc., today announced its new location-aware, iPhone social video application that enables users to create and share real-time video connections with other users in their vicinity. BitFlx integrates video content and “place” into a user’s mobile lifestyle in a way that’s timely and relevant. It’s about where users find themselves now, and offers the point of view of people there.

“BitFlx creates a window into what’s happening near and now and provides a new way for users to experience their community, both visually and by location,” said Sebastian Andreatta, founder and CEO, BitFlx. “We believe BitFlx will help shape the way members of communities engage with one another in a compelling and visual manner. Users can reach each other with visual messages and posts, bringing all the immediacy of Twitter, while enabling extended sharing through Facebook.”

“Location is an essential but often overlooked element of social interaction,” notes Andreatta. “BitFlx is a part of the next wave of social and personal productivity apps that truly integrate location as a key feature. This can be seen through Apple’s increasing location-aware functionality in its iOS 5.”