Spokane Chiropractor Launches New Website to Educate Patients

The new website features a “Community Content” resource library with information on how a chiropractor can treat a variety of injuries, the history of chiropractic care, and an explanation of the difference between wellness care and medical care.

“Traditional medical care focuses on relieving symptoms, such as pain,” said Dr. Miller. “Whole body wellness is a different approach that combines pain management with non-invasive treatments to heal the body from within. Our goal is to correct the underlying condition causing the pain. For patients who are new to whole body wellness, our website contains several great explanations of why this approach to care makes a huge difference in healing.”

“I work with other health care providers to maintain an extensive network of specialists in order to provide the best care for patients,” said Dr. Miller. “Each patient is unique, and I create a personalized wellness plan to treat individual injury needs. The new website is a great way for patients to learn more about this integrated approach to whole body wellness.”

“Our nutritional counseling has helped hundreds of Spokane patients jump-start their weight loss and make healthy lifestyle changes,” said Dr. Miller. “With our new website, individuals who are struggling to lose weight can learn more about these life-changing programs, including the science behind detox purification.”

Prospective patients who wish to learn more about what the practice can visit the “New Patient Center.” This center includes information on what to expect during the first visit, as well as the four stages of wellness care.