SiloSmashers Launches Exciting New Employee Wellness Program-Destination: Fitness

The program includes a variety of planned physical activities such as, organized walks, bike rides, and volleyball games. There is also a library of available reading materials, both printed and electronic, that includes monthly newsletters, an interactive recipe database, articles, and local area trail guides. The company has partnered with local health clubs and weight loss firms who have offered discounted memberships to the staff as part of the program. SiloSmashers will hold monthly “brown bag” lunch meetings for employees that feature special guests speaking on a variety of topics including; exercise, nutrition, first aid/CPR, and sleep and breathing issues, to keep participants motivated to succeed.

“This initiative is part of a larger commitment we have supported since the company’s beginnings in 1992,” commented CEO Angela Drummond-Rodgers. “We recognize that our employees are the company’s greatest asset and we hope that through this Program, we will help them to enjoy better health and well-being while at work.”

Additionally, the company has taken the Wellness prerogative to heart by replacing chips and heavy desserts at lunch meetings with fruit and vegetable platters, and by making modifications to vending machine options throughout the office to include 25% healthier alternatives. SiloSmashers also provides employees with flexible schedules and tele-work options to assist with lowering overall stress levels.

“We are thrilled at the positive response from SiloSmashers’ employees for the latest Wellness initiative,” said Yvonne Mattocks, Wellness program coordinator. “We look forward to leveraging the new program to promote healthier lifestyle choices, increased overall health and wellness, and a larger sense of community among all of our employees, both on site and in the field.”

SiloSmashers, a Native-American woman-owned business, is an industry-leading strategy and technology consulting firm with depth of knowledge and expertise, an innovative and collaborative business approach, and a proven methodology that enables customers to break down organizational silos, and optimize operational efficiency to achieve peak performance and mission success.