Research and Markets: Australia – Mobile Broadband – Statistical Overview and Forecasts – 2011

Mobile broadband using the 3G networks has expanded rapidly over the past year as Australians continue to adopt new and alternative communication methods and media services, and adapt their usage patterns to meet their specific lifestyle needs. In the last year growth in mobile broadband across Australia exceeded 70%, while the percentage of mobile broadband subscriptions versus total connections has continued to rise.

The expansion rate in Australia closely mimics the global uptake of mobile broadband where four billion subscriptions will possibly be exceeded by 2015. In the longer term with the increase in connected devices and the increased availability of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, the amount of mobile data downloaded is likely to exceed 600 petabytes by 2020 in Australia. During 2011/12 BuddeComm estimates that the total mobile broadband market will generate revenues up 17% from 2010, the vast majority of which will be accounted for by 3G mobile broadband revenues. Last year, growth continued across a range of platforms and technologies with the use of 3G mobile and wireless broadband services growing by 70%.

Not to be left out, the fixed wireless market has expanded over the past year too. With company acquisitions and the rollout of more 4G access locations during 2010/11, BigAir and vividwireless are using niche markets for their network expansions. The use of 4G fixed wireless in the National Broadband Network rollout across regional and rural Australia will also boot uptake of mobile broadband usage.

This report provides an overview of the mobile broadband market in Australia, including usage statistics, industry estimates and forecasts, and analysis of key market trends. The information is provided in text, tabular and easy-to-read chart formats.

1. Synopsis

2. Market overview and analysis

3. Wireless broadband market statistics

4. Forecasts and other developments

5. Australia – mobile media – premium rate SMS (PSMS) portals and apps (separate report)