Better Sleep Council Aims to Cure Teens of Zombieitis!

The only hope for a cure to Zombieitis for these unsuspecting teens is 9-10 hours of quality sleep. August marks the beginning of the BSC’s program targeting one of the highest risk groups during this time of year – students. The Stop Back to School Zombieitis campaign, from the BSC, was developed to warn parents and teens about the dangers of Zombieitis, inform them of the cure and to help stop the spread of this detrimental affliction. Zombieitis can cause sufferers to exhibit Zombie-like symptoms including irritability, depression, anxiety, apathy, decreased brain function and a distracted disposition.

Heading back to school is an exciting time for students, but it also means an adjustment from their summer lifestyles, especially their sleep schedule. Teenagers are known for late nights and sleeping in late during the summer months, so starting school is often a difficult change. When preparing for school, most teens and parents are concerned with the traditional back to school list of supplies. Too often overlooked are other preparations, such as transitioning to a new sleep schedule and sleeping on a quality mattress, as an important element to a successful school year.




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