The SmartGirls” Way Launches Mission to Empower Women Entrepreneurs

The SmartGirls’ Way is a new woman-owned and led social venture focused on nurturing and supporting current and aspiring women entrepreneurs. The company’s mission is to effectively eliminate the barriers to entry that women with creative business ideas face by providing resources to help women launch their own sustainable businesses.

Jean Brittingham, the founder and Chief-Inspirationist of The SmartGirls’ Way, believes that empowered women represent the greatest potential for redefining the economic landscape and possibilities for new business creation. Her vision is to create a company that will allow women to support the success of other women. Brittingham states, “We believe that women entrepreneurs can and will play a pivotal role in creating the next economy and moving the planet forward to a world where everyone thrives. We are excited to be a part of the women’s entrepreneurial movement and offer solutions and guidance for women entrepreneurs.”

Initially, the SmartGirls’ Way plans to encourage the growing number of women-owned start-ups and small businesses by providing training and tools for success in the form of inspirational case studies, mentoring and networking. Their target market includes bright, young soon-to-be entrepreneurs leaving college, women who seek to balance lifestyle and career goals and lifetime career women who are ready to launch their long-nurtured ideas and businesses that can have a positive impact on their communities and the world. The company’s long-term plans also include equipping businesses at all stages through platforms that support the growth of the connections between women entrepreneurs and multiple financing and lending platforms.

“Two of the biggest hurdles for women entrepreneurs is access to capital and critical networks that provide the guidance, insight, and connections that all new companies need,” explains Amra Tareen, Founder of and member of the SmartGirls’ Way advisory board. “The SmartGirls’ Way will help women over these hurdles by instilling the confidence, nurturing the connections and facilitating access on collaborative and innovative platforms that foster innovation and give women a greater voice in the future of business.”