Vaccine Dangers Exposed: Hotze Health and Wellness Center Shares the Darker Side of the Vaccination Story

“I’m dedicated to educating Americans particularly parents with young children so they can make an informed decision rather than making a decision to vaccinate based upon intimidation,” said Dr. Ellsworth. “I want parents to know their rights such as school exemptions; in some states, it’s called a personal right of exemption that you don’t have to vaccinate your children to get them into the public school system. As parents, we all need to stop fighting for the right to vaccinate and educate ourselves about what we are injecting into our youth instead of blindly believing what’s being forced upon us particularly by ‘Big Pharma’ and the vaccine industry.”

The following list highlights a few key points discussed by Dr. Ellsworth and Dr. Tenpenny during their radio segment on vaccine dangers:

a. Case Examples:

ii. Prevnar Vaccine – Additional information is also available on podcast.

b. If mercury isn’t present in vaccine, there is no need to be concerned over safety, which is simply not true.

Immunization is not the answer; good health and lifestyle are. Included below is information on how one can avoid vaccinations and build a healthy immune system: