Anti-Aging Expert to the Elite and Rodeo Champ Lassos Insider Media Management to Share Innovative Health Advice with Media

“Dr. Thompson’s unparalleled expertise in age management medicine, coupled with his own personal success story is an inspiration to anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle. Journalists will want to write this story,” says Insider Media President, and former television news anchor, JP Hervis.

“Insider Media is run by journalists who know how to tell this important story of health. That’s why they were the bestpress releasechoice for me,” says Thompson. The full service communications firm plans to highlight Dr. Thompson’s use of emerging research and clinically focused sessions to slow down the aging process. Jaeger adds, “We’ll cite examples like a client who lost 150 pounds thereby eliminating diabetes.”

Dr. Thompson’s healthy lifestyle has been embraced by high-end clientele from around the world who call on his one-on-one services. “Not everyone can afford this custom medical program, but I still want to help others by sharing my knowledge and experience so they can lead a healthier life.”

SOURCE Insider Media Management