CIGNA”s Collaborative Accountable Care Program with Medical Clinic of North Texas Shows Improved Quality, Lower Costs

“We’re able to share information with MCNT about potential gaps in care, such as which patients might be overdue for a mammogram or colonoscopy, or which patients with diabetes are missing important blood tests or didn’t refill a prescription,” said Dr. Mark Netoskie, senior medical director for CIGNA in Texas. “Using this information, MCNT’s care coordinator can reach out to these patients to ensure they get the care they need, which results in higher compliance with evidence-based medicine guidelines and a healthier population.”

“By making access to care more convenient through expanded office hours, and by making visits available within 72 hours for patients discharged from the hospital, we’re able to ensure that patients receive the appropriate type of care in the right setting,” said Karen Kennedy, MCNT chief executive officer. “This improves the patient’s experience while reducing total medical costs.”

CIGNA clinical programs are available to MCNT as an extension of its own practice. Using the patient-specific data that CIGNA provides, the care coordinator can refer patients into CIGNA’s disease management programs for diabetes, heart disease and other conditions; and lifestyle management programs, such as tobacco cessation, weight management and stress management.

“Having CIGNA’s clinical programs as a resource presents a huge opportunity for us to help our patients manage their chronic conditions and improve their health,” Kennedy says. “And receiving patient-specific data from CIGNA helps us provide more coordinated, comprehensive care, which is key to achieving the triple aim of improved health outcomes, lower costs and a better patient experience.”