CORRECTING and REPLACING Live “The Power of 12” with EvangeCube

Please replace the release with the following corrected version due to multiple revisions.

The EvangeCube, created by e3 Resources, is a simple tool that unfolds the message of the power of God’s love. (Photo: Business Wire)

The corrected release reads:

In the past 12 years EvangeCube has gone from “Unfolding the Answer to Life’s Greatest Puzzle” to encouraging believers to “Simply Share Jesus”. Today, e3 Resources is issuing a bold, new challenge – “The Power of 12”.

To commemorate 12 years of EvangeCube, between now and December 12, 2012 (12/12/12), e3 is challenging one million Christians to use EvangeCube and share the gospel with one new person each month for 12 months-with the ultimate goal of 12 million gospel presentations!

With more than 2 billion Christians around the world, e3 wants to spread the word and power of God’s message of Christ from your neighborhood to rest of the world. e3 is looking for one million believers to answer the call to share the gospel (Matthew 28:19). The challenge is as simple as using EvangeCube. Will you, your family, your church join Team xii and LIVE “the Power of 12” by being the face of Jesus to those who don’t know him?

Why 12? It is the number of perfection. It is the product of 3 (which represents what is perfectly Divine and heavenly) and 4 (which represents the earth, what is material and organic). The number 12 also has prominent usages throughout the Bible-mentioned are 12 sons (tribes) of Israel, 12 judges, 12 gates, 12 disciples and Jesus was 12 years of age when he spoke his first recorded words.

The next and most exciting part of the challenge is this-as people share EvangeCube with others, e3 is asking that they document their experience. To send in photos, videos and stories of THEIR eCube experience to excite, encourage, and invite others to join the “team”.

As the year passes, these pictures and stories will become the example of what it is to live “The Power of 12”. On 12/12/12, these images will be used to create a photo-collage depicting the face of Jesus, showing how it takes ALL of us to make a difference and how we can each share in reflecting HIS presence in our lives.

Ultimately, “The Power of 12” is more than just numbers or an event that spans a period of time. It’s a call for a spiritual lifestyle change. It’s being the face of Jesus everyday-sharing His love while sharing His story.

“The Power of 12”. Using EvangeCube to change the world one life at a time.

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