The Truth about Fat Found in Your Genes: Newtopia”s Integrated System Customizes Weight Loss and Health Program Based on DNA Testing

Available exclusively through a national network of physicians dedicated to helping Americans lose weight for life, Newtopia’s weight loss and health programs are delivered privately and conveniently to clients by a live, online coach. Clients also benefit from the guidance of a team of renowned experts in relevant fields from nutrition, exercise, pharmacology, behavior management, and medicine.

“We’ve learned through extensive research that one size does not fit all when it comes to health and weight loss,” says Jeff Ruby, founder and CEO of Newtopia. “We are pioneering an age of personalized health coaching based on your genes so you can lose weight and live healthier – for life.”

Jeff Ruby founded Newtopia in Canada in 2008 based on his conviction that individuals can achieve long-term results by eating right, being active and being self-aware. He leveraged the experience of his team of experts and closely examined the models successfully employed by leading medical and wellness institutions that advocate combining nutrition, exercise and behavior management for a complete lifestyle approach. To date, Newtopia has helped thousands of Canadians lose weight and embark on a healthier lifestyle, and the company plans to do the same stateside.

Dr. Louis Prusse, a member of Newtopia’s interdisciplinary team of experts who developed the NewtopiaMD programs, is a genetic epidemiologist with twenty years of research experience in the field of the genetics and is the author of more than 400 papers and communications in the field.

“Each of the cells of your body contains your genetic code,” Dr. Prusse explains. “We designed our simple, painless genetic profile test to determine whether clients possess one of three possible genetic predispositions to weight-gain. The results provide us with vital information about each person’s unique genetic makeup so we can design the best personalized nutrition, exercise, and behavior management plan along with a complimentary natural health product plan.”

“I had tried all the crazy diets out there including low carb, all carb, green diet, juicing, and nothing worked,” says Dana Smith, a Newtopia client and 45-year-old mother of 3. “When I signed up for NewtopiaMD through my physician, my personal coach told me that I could lose a healthy 16 lbs in 2 months and that it would be sustainable. I have never lost weight that fast and did not believe it possible, but it is. My moment of truth came during my genetic reveal, when I realized that I could stop blaming myself. My coach helped me achieve my overall weight loss and health goals based on my genes, and I continue to live the Newtopia way.”