Research and Markets: Discover the ABC of Stroke – The Most Common Cause of Adult Disability

This brand new title in the ABC series covers the entire patient journey, from prevention through to long-term support. It includes primary prevention and management of risk factors for stroke and secondary prevention including pharmaceutical, lifestyle and surgical intervention. The general principles of stroke rehabilitation are also addressed as well as mobility, communication and psychological problems, as is stroke in younger people. It also covers long-term support for stroke survivors and their carers.

This is an invaluable and practical guide to all aspects of stroke for both health care professionals and lay audiences. It is of particular relevance to general practitioners, junior doctors, nurses and therapists working with stroke patients and their carers, and to people with stroke and their families.

1. Introduction to Stroke (Jonathan Mant)

2. Primary Prevention of Stroke (Jonathan Mant)

3. Transient Ischaemic Attack (Jonathan Mant)

4. Acute Stroke (Damian Jenkinson and Clare Gordon)

5. Medical Complications of Stroke (Clare Gordon and Damian Jenkinson)

6. Stroke Rehabilitation (Marion F Walker)

7. Stroke in Younger People (Marion F Walker)

8. Mobility (Marion F Walker)

9. Communication and Swallowing (Pam Enderby)

10. Psychological Problems after Stroke (Jane Barton)

11. Secondary Prevention of Stroke (Duncan Edwards and Jonathan Mant)

12. Long-term Support for Stroke Survivors and their Carers (Marion F Walker)



Jonathan Mant, Associate Director UK Stroke Research Network and Professor of Primary Care Research, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, University of Cambridge, UK

Marion F Walker, Associate Director UK Stroke Research Network and Professor in Stroke Rehabilitation, University of Nottingham, UK