Cadillac Meets New Customers Where They Live and Play

Named after their V-Series performance cars, Cadillac is inviting more than 3,000 potential customers – mostly owners of competing luxury/performance cars – to an exclusive, up-close-and-personal demonstration of its luxury performance cars.

At each event, Cadillac has its latest products on display, and at the culinary events, attendees can test drive competing BMW, Lexus and Mercedes models. The Cadillac Culinary challenge events are open to the public, whereas the V-Series Performance Labs and Innovation Golf events are invitation-only.

However, he cautions, companies must intimately understand the lifestyles of their target demographic or risk being tuned out by potential customers.

“It’s not a game for amateurs. Experiential programs have the cognitive, emotional and behavioral levels all in one package, but it’s a big commitment,” Bernacci said. “You have to be real, and that takes time, trouble and experience to make that happen.”

Despite the risk, the reward could be more than just a one-time buyer, he said, “but a loyalist.”

“We’re building into these programs the same depth of experience we put into our cars,” Haener said. “We get to meet some new potential customers and they get to enjoy a truly unique Cadillac experience that meets them where they like to spend their leisure time.”

The bottom line: customers will have some fun and save some time when it comes to purchase their next luxury car.

“Shopping for a luxury car can be an all-day ordeal, driving from dealer to dealer,” Haener said. “Here, we have a good time, do the things we’re passionate about, and let the cars speak for themselves.”

SOURCE General Motors