Sheetz, Inc. Selects Marathon Health, Inc. for Onsite Care

BURLINGTON, VT — (Marketwire) — 09/08/11 — Marathon Health, Inc. today announced its agreement with Sheetz, Inc. to serve as the convenience store chain’s onsite medical services provider at the company’s Claysburg, Pa. distribution center.

Under the agreement signed last month, Marathon Health will operate the 2,200-square-foot health center and provide high-quality primary care, health assessments, lifestyle coaching, and disease management services. The center will be part of a larger LEED-certified 10,000-square-foot facility that will also include a fitness center and conference center. Sheetz executives expect the facility to be open by the fall of next year.

The selection criteria identified by Sheetz included a vendor who offered cutting-edge technology and a paperless approach to healthcare, demonstrated an ability to be flexible to changing needs and services, and fostered a corporate culture that aligned with Sheetz’s commitment to caring about its associates’ health and wellbeing. Marathon Health fit that mold, said Bill Young, Sheetz’s director of compensation, benefits and risk.

“We are a company that early on learned the value of a wellness atmosphere among our associates,” said Young. “After 10 straight years of our healthcare costs rising 8 percent per year, we realized we weren’t doing enough to educate our workforce on the benefits of healthy eating habits and routine exercise. We now offer regular healthy habits challenges as we create a culture of what we call ‘Shwellness’ at Sheetz. Marathon Health was a natural fit for us as a vendor who understands our vision and will help our associates get to where they want to be.”

Young said Sheetz executives are excited about Marathon Health’s total population health management approach. By integrating the fitness center with the health services, Marathon Health is able to reach the healthy associates and target others with high health-risk factors and help them achieve their goals of leading healthier and longer lives.

Marathon Health CEO Jerry Ford said everyone is excited about the opportunity to work with Sheetz and the prospect of expanding Marathon Health’s MedicalHomeWork model to other company locations.

“Sheetz understands that maintaining the status quo in the healthcare delivery system is no longer viable. Companies need to be proactive and create a culture where associates want to get healthy if the cost trends are going to bend. We are in business to do just that. We are ecstatic to have a company as well regarded as Sheetz on board who shares that vision with us.”