John Theurer Cancer Center at Hackensack University Medical Center Hosting Largest Celebrating Life and Liberty Event Ever

“While each cancer survivor has their own unique experience they share a common bond. Bringing together thousands of cancer survivors and their families creates a community that we hope will give our patients more strength wherever they may be in this journey,” said Dr. Goy. “They understand each other, are inspired by each other and support each other through their common experiences-this is what makes this a truly special celebration.”

Shared storytelling has been shown by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to improve health outcomes by influencing prevention and promoting healthy changes in lifestyle after early diagnosis, providing social connections to support prevention and control, supporting informed decision making, and helping to meet the many emotional needs surrounding the stressful times of diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship in ways that help those affected by cancer improve the length and quality of their lives.

This year’s event has been extended to all John Theurer Cancer Center, Tomorrows Children’s Institute and Hackensack University Medical Center affiliates’ patients, their caregivers and the dedicated healthcare staff who have played important roles in their journeys. John Theurer Cancer Center is also extending the event to all survivors and caregivers in the tri-state area.

“All communities throughout the world are touched by cancer. We are inviting them to join our celebration wherever they are,” said Dr. Goy. “Starting with one survivor’s story inspiring another person and another – all around the world – we can make a difference in our fight against cancer.”

Celebrating Life and Liberty will also provide a focus on special populations with cancer for whom clinical research, treatment and outcomes have not kept pace with other groups of patients, including young adults and the LGBT community, African American and Latin American communities.

Live music by The Infernos, dancing, and inspirational performances by John Theurer Cancer Center survivors will pack the day with fun. Celebrating Life and Liberty attendees can explore a wide-range of interactive workshops and activities for adults and children, such as Statue of Liberty drawing, Laughter Yoga, Hand Massage, Feldenkrais, quilting and guest photography with the Statue of Liberty.

SOURCE Hackensack University Medical Center