Numera-Social Launches with Innovative Facebook + Mobile Wellness Platform

Health organizations can now utilize popular social platforms – namely Facebook and smart phones – to help people live healthier lives, thanks to a new company launching at the Health 2.0 conference next week.

Leveraging the power of social influence and the science of behavior change, Numera-Social is a new breed of health and wellness company seeking to engage individuals when and where they spend their time. Delivered as a suite of white-labeled Facebook and Mobile platform solutions, healthcare providers, insurers, employers and wellness organizations can quickly establish their own highly interactive experience. Key to Numera-Social is its grounding in behavior change science, which allows organizations to truly help individuals help themselves, in turn leading to improved outcomes and sustained good health.

“Numera-Social is different from wellness programs of the past for several big reasons,” said Tim Smokoff, CEO of Numera-Social. “We are tapping the influential power of family, friends, and peers with similar conditions in a thoughtful way. We are focusing on measurable results. And we are following the science of health behavior change. By focusing on how to help individuals make good daily decisions for better health we can keep them engaged, and even extend the impact to their friends. It ignites a chain reaction of good will and good health.”

A wide variety of industry partners have joined for the launch of Numera-Social to help shape the expert plans available, and make the offering available to their customers and members, including RealAge, The American College of Sports Medicine, HealthLens, Audia Health, GAIN Fitness, Vivity Labs, Dan’s Plan, Steve Speirs and others. The platform is open to organizations that either choose to have their own Facebook and Mobile application for their audience, or to those who would like to distribute their expert health action plans more broadly.

“We look forward to offering our 10 million+ members access to Numera-Social’s innovative health solution,” said Gregg Zegras, CEO, RealAge. “The approach offered in their flexible social and mobile platform will give us the opportunity to actively engage users who seek to manage their health through a variety of media channels.”

Numera-Social will accept public beta testers at the Health 2.0 show next week in San Francisco.

There is a growing body of evidence that indicates by condensing social behavior science into consumable, actionable models, lasting results can be achieved. Numera-Social has designed the platform from the ground up with these models in mind, helping individuals very simply to:

Healthy behavior change can be work, but Numera-Social makes it fun, with challenges, competitions and incentives working in different ways for different people at different times. The platform integrates these elements in ways to keep the focus on positive next steps, helping to ensure sustained engagement.

Healthcare organizations can customize the entire wellness experience using expert-created resources for their audience. Numera-Social allows these organizations the option of customizing the Facebook application with their own branding and content, creating a cohesive online experience with their existing website and social presence, augmenting and extending their impact with customers.

Individuals can customize the experience by choosing their goals and plans, and by developing their own plans and challenges. While the experience is flexible, individuals are given clear paths to reach their goals, and are prompted to stay on track by notifications and measurement of their progress.

Numera-Social is being advised on product development and health issues by a group of Advisory consultants that today includes:

Numera-Social is a health and wellness technology company applying principles of behavior change science and social networking to activate and sustain a chain reaction of healthy lifestyles. The company’s products are designed for adaptation and use by a variety of health organizations to engage their customers for lasting health improvement. Numera-Social LLC is a unit of Numera, a leading innovator in health coaching technologies, with offices in Seattle, San Francisco, Orlando, Fla. and London.