Chiropractor in Calgary Gives Website Advantage to Patients

Wellness tips include information on changing unhealthy habits. In the healthy thinking section, visitors can learn how to stay positive and use relaxation techniques to reduce stress and pain.

Wellness essentials include: tips for at homecare; shoes, wallets, and backpacks; and nutrition advice and exercise suggestions to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. The site also features a special Wellness4Kids section with online games and quizzes, printable games and puzzles, and a wellness coloring book.

As an indicator of her practice’s focus on total well-being, Dr. Jenkins pointed first-time visitors to the “Wellness Perspectives” section of the site. Here they can find information on wellness psychology, choices, identity, spirituality, personality, quality of life, personal growth, prosperity consciousness, relationships, aging, and longevity. She said she wanted these topics included on her website because they can help people minimize stress and lead a healthier life.