Lincoln Chiropractor Launches New Website for Patients

“Our practice follows a whole body approach to treatment, which is different than traditional medical care,” said Dr. Larson. “Unlike medical treatments, which rely on prescription painkillers to cover up back pain and neck pain, we work to correct the underlying problem through natural, non-invasive care. Our new website is a great way to educate patients about treatment options and our approach to care.”

Interested individuals can also sign up for the free, bi-weekly e-newsletter. The newsletter is filled with health and wellness articles, and tailored to the needs of each recipient, with an individual focus on nutrition, women’s health, weight loss, injury recovery, and more. Individuals who sign up for the free e-newsletter will also receive access to the “Members Only” content on the website. This content includes video exercises, wellness lifestyle tips, and a special “wellness4kids” section.

“Our whole body approach to wellness means we do not just want to relieve pain, but help each patient live an active and healthy life,” said Dr. Larson. “The Member Wellness library is a great resource for helping people stay motivated and committed to a healthy lifestyle.”