Premium Dentistry Now Affordable for the Uninsured

Created by an East Bay dentist, the Total Health Dental Care Membership Program now makes quality dentistry affordable for those without insurance. Dr. Sepand Hokmabadi, DDS, the directing dentist of Total Health Dental Care, designed the program to give more people access to care that might normally be out of reach financially. Until recently, cost-conscious patients could only choose between clinics, HMO offices or going without care entirely. But this innovative program gives people the opportunity to benefit from a reputable office providing whole person dentistry, an integrative approach that acknowledges the connection between oral and total health.

For under $1.00 per day, patients receive unlimited exams and X-rays, two cleanings per year and a 20% discount on fees reserved for patients with Delta Dental Premium insurance. A one-year commitment is required.

“I saw a problem that I wanted to solve,” said Dr. Hokmabadi. “Insured patients were getting the benefits of preventive care because they could afford it. But uninsured patients didn’t visit as often. And when they did, they had costly, painful emergencies. Now patients can get quality care that won’t break the bank.”

There are restrictions. Cosmetics and braces are excluded. And the discount applies for up to $5,000 worth of billed treatment per year. However, since Total Health Dental Care emphasizes preventive care, they save patients the anguish and expense of future issues while improving oral and total health immediately. They practice whole person dentistry, which addresses the cause of dental disease as well as the symptoms, and considers the effects of lifestyle choices like nutrition and stress management.

“I’m passionate about progress,” continues Dr. Hokmabadi. “So if I can help more patients experience terrific health, I do it. This program makes great care accessible to more people, so they can look and feel their best. To me, that’s progress.”