Charlotte Nutrition Counseling Available at Omni Wellness Center

“Every patient is different and has unique nutritional needs,” said Dr. Darcey. “Whether a patient needs a condition-specific diet to help manage pain or heal from an injury, or a patient needs a full lifestyle change to lose weight, we create fully customized plans.”

Dr. Darcey provides weight loss assistance through balanced diets and lifestyle advice. Her plans focus on realistic, long-term weight loss and lifestyle changes, rather than fad diets to quickly drop pounds. Following her advice, Dr. Darcey says most patients lose between five to seven pounds in the first week and then two pounds in each successive week.

The wellness center’s nutritional counseling may help the body heal following injury and safely manage pain. Scientific studies show that diets rich in antioxidants can fight inflammation following an injury, which reduces the risk of swelling and relieves pain. Studies also show that lean protein is essential to helping soft tissue injuries heal.

Dr. Darcey considers nutritional counseling to be a critical component of any long-term wellness plan. Her approach to treatment focuses on the body as a whole, rather than just symptoms of pain or illness.