Zeus Returns for ATTIKs New Cross-Media Campaign for Scion xB and xD Release Series

Needham led his crew in creating the TV spots and a full segment of “Cradles,” taking viewers inside Zeus’s opulent mansion for an intimate, one-of-a-kind look at the God of sky and thunder, his goods and his unique lifestyle. During his 25-year journey with ATTIK, Needham has regularly encountered God-like egos, and although there were many reports of head-butting with this project’s immortal talents, the director is generally pleased with the results.

“Even with stellar talent, it can be challenging to capture a great performance, and Zeus is a real prima donna,” Needham said. “But even considering all the perks we had to throw in and the difficulties we faced shooting on Mount Olympus, we’re proud to have come away with something very special for fans of cool cars and Greek Mythology alike. Once again, our hats are off to Scion for their boldness and bravery… and their brilliance in creating cars that please the likes of Zeus.”

Beginning this week, TV placements will air campaign spots well into January on Adult Swim, CBS Sports, Current, Comedy Central, FX, FUEL TV, G4, IFC, and other targeted networks, including many MTV channels. Radio, print, online and outdoor placements will also target young men. The brand’s YouTube and Facebook fans will continue to be the first to see behind the scenes spots, plus other materials and offers to be released over the days ahead.

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