Nearly 26 Million Americans on Your Holiday Shopping List?

Gift of Hope offers items for everyone on your list:

The Gift of Hope program was started in 1971, when several Minneapolis-area parents of children with diabetes wanted to do something to fight the disease. They started selling holiday greeting cards to raise money for diabetes research. Since then, the program has raised more than $24 million for diabetes research, averaging 50,000 customers a year.

Catalog purchases are a Gift of Hope to the nearly 26 million children and adults in the U.S. who have diabetes, including Melissa Partridge, from Montana.

As a mother of four young children, 28-year-old Partridge was worried about her future with type 1 diabetes. “I’ve never met anyone who has survived 50 years with diabetes,” she said. Living with diabetes for more than 23 years, Partridge came to the conclusion, “I’m already halfway through my life.”

Partridge searched for online information and support in order to be there for her family. “I don’t want to die when my grandbabies are being born.” She found that research proves you can live a long life with diabetes and prevent or delay many of its complications through a healthy lifestyle.

Thanks to her discovery, Partridge has the confidence to manage her diabetes for many years to come. “Knowledge is power. Now that I know what can happen to me, there are things I can do to prevent that from happening.”