Intelligent, Interactive Internet Television Has Arrived in North America

A NASDAQ-listed US high-tech enterprise has invested heavily to establish with the goal of providing a worldwide audience with global television services. has constructed a service platform that fully integrates international capital, contains cutting-edge technology and offers first-class quality content. The company will provide a global audience with an unmatched viewing experience by aggregating the best television content with unmatched convenience and superior after-sale services.’s television service is a transmission carrier based on a “public Internet” broadcasting platform. Using its seamless global coverage features combined with a variety of key technologies (including streaming media technology, video codec technology, database management, transmission and encryption, server and distribution network technology, etc.), programs are broadcast through a digital set-top box as well as via computer, iPad and various other devices. Furthermore, the system has achieved unified management of television content for one account on multiple screens and devices. From content production to the display of TV programs on users’ screens, end-to-end service involves endless chains and layers. This system enables management and operations to solve any problems associated with the technology platform or the business model.’s new Internet TV technology combines the essence of over half a century of television services with the personalized interactivity available on the Internet. pushes users’ television experiences to a higher level. Today’s users want freedom and to meet their demands. incorporates the computer, the TV and other mobile devices that have the ability to connect to the Internet into its broadcasting terminal. Users can use one account to sign in at different locations and on different devices and select the most convenient time for them to watch shows. This feature even works within individual programs. For example, if a user does not finish watching a TV program at home he can sign on via his iPad or computer at another location and the video will automatically continue to play from where he left off on the TV. This new technology brings a more intuitive, intimate and convenient viewing experience.

Intelligent content management is one of’s core brand values.’s television services not only satisfy users’ daily needs for common content but also, with the expansion of user base, the personalization capabilities of content management will grow exponentially. will be able to target different users’ attributes, regions and lifestyles, which will support multi-language programs that service an ever-growing user base. aims to create the world’s best TV service. It will draw a closer connection between family life and television to create a special type of interactive television living area combining both the traditional platform for TV service and new Internet applications.

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