GI Dynamics, Inc. Announces Data Demonstrating Blood Sugar Control and Weight Loss Benefits of EndoBarrier Treatment Beyond Implant Period

Previously reported results from this trial found that 22 type 2 diabetes patients who were treated with the EndoBarrier for 12 months achieved:

Follow-up data from this study were presented by Guilherme Lopes, M.D., study investigator, Hospital das Clinical, University of Sao Paolo, Brazil, during an oral presentation at TOS. These data presented included an analysis of glycemic levels in a subset of patients who were treated with the EndoBarrier for 12 months. These data found that six months after removal of the EndoBarrier, patients experienced only a slight increase in HbA1c levels, from 6.5% to 6.6%.

“The findings from this analysis show that EndoBarrier treatment offers a prolonged effect on HbA1c that allows for improvement in the patients’ overall disease state,” stated Dr. Lopes. “These results continue to demonstrate the clinical benefits of the EndoBarrier treatment for type 2 diabetes, even after removal of the device.”

Previously reported results from a study which evaluated the use of the EndoBarrier treatment for 12 months in obese patients demonstrated that EndoBarrier treatment produced an average of 20% total body weight loss (observed weight loss of 22.8 kg/50lbs.), or 46.4% excess weight loss. In addition, data from a subset of six patients with type 2 diabetes achieved a mean reduction in HbA1c of 1.4% (7.9% at baseline to 6.5%) following 12 months of EndoBarrier treatment.

“These results show that patients are able to maintain a substantial portion of the weight loss achieved through EndoBarrier treatment after the device is removed,” said Dr. Escalona. “These data are very encouraging and demonstrate the benefits of treatment with the EndoBarrier alone. These results also suggest that when the EndoBarrier is combined with a formal post-removal lifestyle support program, patients may maintain the benefits of treatment long after the device is removed.”