SUPERVALU and Its Family of Stores Commit $1 Million to Sponsor 1,542 Local Youth Sports Teams Across the Country

The sponsorships, which began last spring, have helped to offset the cost of local youth baseball and soccer programs for kids between the ages of 4 and 10. All told, the sponsorships have supported 1,542 teams-761 baseball teams and 781 soccer teams-providing more than 20,000 kids with the opportunity to participate in sports.

“As America’s Neighborhood Grocer, we are continuously looking for opportunities to give back to our local communities, particularly in areas that promote healthy lifestyles,” said Shelly Nelson, SUPERVALU corporate director of strategic media services. “Because diet and exercise are important to well-being, we saw this sponsorship as a complement to our focus on helping our shoppers eat well and a nice way to support stronger-and healthier-neighborhoods.”

SUPERVALU is currently sponsoring 781 youth soccer teams across the country. Following is a list of the stores, the markets and the number of soccer teams being sponsored this fall:

The company also sponsored 761 youth baseball teams in the same markets last spring.