Riverbed Showcases Award-Winning WAN Optimization Appliances at VMworld Europe 2009

Now in its second year, VMworld Europe sets the virtualization agenda,inspiring all IT professionals looking for actionable ideas, innovativeproducts and best practices for virtualizing the enterprise.

At its booth (# 87), Riverbed will demonstrate how its award-winning WANoptimization solutions, in conjunction with VMware solutions, enableorganizations to overcome IT consolidation and disaster recovery (DR)challenges. Riverbed WAN optimization solutions and VMware Infrastructureprovide the ability to simplify server management through virtualization,and at the same time accelerate the replication, recovery, and rollout ofservers. The combined solution enables any enterprise to implement aneasy-to-manage, robust DR system that simultaneously improvesrecoverability while controlling the costs of the physical infrastructurethat DR requires.

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