New Gender Workplace Study Reveals Actionable, Scalable Solution

The study began investigating mindset as a solution to bridge the gap between men and women with the understanding that differences in thought were creating differences in behaviour and action.

Technology using data analytics and virtual reality simulations were implemented so that the behaviours and actions required of volunteer participants could be measured. One key finding was that while women are motivated for advancement, men are taking more action towards securing it. To the naked eye, the assumption could be that women don’t want change as much as they say they do. Taking a deeper look, there is one percent of the brain that differs between men and women. Within that one percentage of variance lies the cognitive and behavioural differences that keep men and women separate within the workplace and beyond. To level the playing field, awareness and mindset are imperative for change.

Using the mindset training, a ninety-four percent increase in confidence was reported by both genders, translating into a variety of supportive actions for performance. Training lasted a total duration of three hours, over just under thirty day’s time. Providing mindset training to individuals helps both genders adjust their focus while enhancing confidence, providing a structure for change, and leverages the differences between how men and women think. An added benefit is that by providing mindset training to all individuals within the workplace creates an inclusive sentiment rather than further divide.