Toyota Chief Digital Officer Zack Hicks Honored for Excellence in Leadership by the Association for Information Systems

Since joining Toyota in 1996, Hicks has championed a global telematics ecosystem, facilitating the implementation of cloud-based collaboration tools for Toyota employees. He also led the development of an award-winning social media analytics platform.

Today, as Toyota’s first chief digital officer, Hicks leads the firm’s newly created Digital Transformation and Mobility unit, advancing shared mobility, connectivity services, over-the-air upgrades and future business opportunities. This new role will define and accelerate Toyota’s mobility efforts, including vehicle connectivity, electrification and autonomous driving technologies.

“A lot of what Zack has done at Toyota is about getting people working together to innovate and bring technology to market,” says AIS President-Elect Alan Dennis. “What’s striking beyond the technology is his understanding of that market, the existing products and the business value that the new technology adds.”

The Association for Information Systems, founded in 1994, is a professional organization that serves as the premier global organization for academics, students and professionals specializing in Information Systems. ICIS is the most prestigious meeting of the AIS, which has more than 4,400 members representing more than 95 countries worldwide. This year, approximately 1,500 academic professionals from around the world will participate in the conference.

SOURCE The Association for Information Systems